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16+ Lob For Round Face Gif

16+ Lob For Round Face Gif. The key to a great cut and style for this face shape is to create the illusion of length by opting it's a perfect lob for round face shape. However, a longer bob can be very flattering on a round face, as long as you find the right shape.

Flattering Long Bob Hairstyles For Round Faces Hairstylesco
Flattering Long Bob Hairstyles For Round Faces Hairstylesco from i1.wp.com
A messy bob has choppy, uneven hair near the face, which makes it look thin. Counterintuitively, undercuts don't always work with round faces. Many women with round faces want to camouflage the roundness, rather than highlight it.

Lengthen your face frame with a long bob.

Basically, the sides of your face are rounded with your cheekbones being the widest part of your face and your chin being smoother and less pronounced. (how can you tell if you have a round face? We rounded up the best haircuts for round face shapes. Asymmetrycal side parting, diagonal long bangs hide part of face, making it less round.

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