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30+ Colored Pencil Sunflower Background

30+ Colored Pencil Sunflower Background. Sooo, i am a little uneasy about sharing this, usually, what goes on in the sketchbook stays in the sketchbook! This realistic drawing of a sunflower is a vibrant addition to any modern or traditional decor.

Sunflower Marker And Colored Pencil 8x8 Art
Sunflower Marker And Colored Pencil 8x8 Art from i.redd.it
We chose sunflowers because they are my daughter's favorite. Speed drawing of flower (sunflower) colored pencil. I highly recommend that you color your sunflower to make it pop out more.

High quality pencil flower inspired spiral notebooks by independent artists and designers from around the world.

But i had so much fun with this little study. For this drawing i used a picture that i took of a sunflower and used it as a reference. I got the most extravagantly colored one, though. Unfortunately i didn't get to film all of them getting colored.

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